Benefits of Ibis Eros, Ebos machines

Easy positioning and extra vibrations
Thanks to the pulsators used, the machine allows the activation of
extra vibrations, which in combination with the machine movements brings a wholly new level of pleasure. IBIS machines are equipped with a remote control for changing the position of the bed or the pulsator itself. There is no need of manual positioning.

Attaching of almost any "toy"
unique system of FUNFACTORY pulsator attachment allows fixing different attachments and your already purchased toys. Another benefit is that thanks to the removable parts the maintenance of the machine very easy.

Silent magnetic drive
The linear
motor used is the most advanced on the market. It features unrivaled parameters such as acceleration, the number of strokes per second, design as well as maintenance. Unlike other machines that use ball screws, cog belts or gear boxes, our linear drive is powered by magnets and is very quiet. This motor is used, inter alia, in the design of flight simulators, but also in other demanding environments.

Controller with programs
Choice and control of the programs is carried out using a controller. The machine is programmed with over
20 basic programs that allow you to choose a program that suits you best. The programs are set based on testing and debugging with models. Among the programs, incorporated are slow modes with short stroke, slow modes with medium and long stroke, fast modes with small stroke, medium speed modes with long-stroke, mode of pulses with different strokes and also turbo mode with short stroke. On the basis of further development, optional firmware upgrades will be provided to our clients.

Universal power adaptor
IBIS machines are designed to be
electrically universal, so they work both in the U.S. and Europe. A universal adaptor is supplied for each machine for easy selection of the connector type.

Discreet shipping
Shipping of the machine is ensured by DB SCHENKER up to your door. Each machine is provided with a brass product plate with the serial number. The machine is not marked by any unsightly advertising texts. A
certificate is assigned for each machine.

Client support
Each client will receive login data for the Clients Zone, where, inter alia, one may send questions directly to the manufacturer, and thus be in contact, if necessary.

"CE" certification
Our luxury sex machines IBIS received ES declaration of conformity and they were granted CE quality and safety mark..