Colored and material design of the Ibis Eros, Ebos machines
There is a choice of 9 basic options. In particular they allow color-matching with the interior of the client´s apartment or house. In case you did not choose from any of the nine options we offer the tenth one - you may order a custom-made machine. The machine's appearance was designed for the purpose of incorporation into a room and its blending with the other furnishings. The exclusive design allows the machine to stand out and become an eye-catching element in the interior. Unlike other machines, which are unsightly and deface the room or whose revelation to a visitor would be embarrassing, our machine gives a very luxurious and comfortable impression due to its design and the materials used.
The main structural material the machine is made of is the first-class plywood coated with HPL laminate layer that is well resistant to abrasion. The plywood edges are painted with 4 layers of hard oil. The base part is made of plywood coated with HPL laminate layer in the titanium decor. The seating surfaces are covered with a durable imitation of leather. The leather imitation construction joints are finished with decorative nickel doornails to enhance the overall design. The inner core of the bent seating surfaces is made of bent plywood. The metal parts are made of alloy aluminum, duralumin and steel. All materials are harmless.