F.A.Q. - frequently asked questions
What more does your sex machine offer compared to the competition?
Our fucking machine offers an attractive design, precise execution, high quality and a high level of satisfaction without unnecessarily difficult programs. As seating and lying sections form integral parts of the machine, you need not look for a place where you could comfortably seat yourself. Unlike other machines, there is a possibility of a large degree of individualization of particular patterns and colors.
Why does the production take up to 90 days?
Since there is no mass production, each machine is approached individually. To guarantee the highest quality of the machine, we place emphasis on all of the given technological processes in its production. Since most of the machine parts are unique, these must be first made and pass quality control.
What is the warranty provided on the sex machine after paying the purchase price?
Our company has been in business for over 25 years. We are completely transparent. When ordering the fucking machine, each client will be given his own unique login password for the Clients Zone section. Each client will receive, when ordering, unique login data, thanks to which he will have a possibility of watching the status of his sex machine completion in the Clients Zone . In this private zone, one can monitor the production phases of the machine as it is made. Furthermore, there are both written and video instructions for assembly, maintenance and operation in this zone. Here you can also find your warranty card with a certificate as well as a communication window for feedback or troubleshooting.
Why is the price of the f-machine so high?
Unlike competitive machines, our sex machine is manufactured from prime materials, mainly wood. The elaborateness of the design and details means high labor intensity in the production and assembly. The motors used form a major part of the machine, because we wanted to use the most advanced components on the market. Since the drive technology of these motors is relatively new, their purchase costs are still very high. The control units used also make up a substantial part of the machine cost. The price of the machine includes shipping and packing.
Why is the fucking machine subject to weight limits?
Due to the control elements used, particularly in the lying section, a weight limit has been set. The motors will handle the user´s limit weight without major problems, and so there is no danger of the destruction of moving parts. For safety reasons, the positioning of the bed is only allowed in the lying position on the f-machine or off the f-machine. Any other position may result in the destruction of certain machine parts.
Will my sexmachine run at a voltage of 110V?
The sex machine is designed to handle a voltage of 110-230V. Due to differences in the design of sockets, universal worldwide plug adaptor is delivered as standard for the machine.
Can I attach other dildo than that you offer for the fucking machine?
Yes, you can. A specially designed fixture allows attaching of many of extensions. The maximum diameter is 42 mm. In the case of substantially smaller attachment diameter it is necessary to use a spacer.
I'm not sure whether the fucking machine will fit into the room in the preassembled state. Can be the machine disassembled even more?
Yes - to some extent. To give you a better idea, the dimensions of the machine itself are shown on our site. Before ordering, measure and examine the way you will carry the machine inside. As a last resort, the sexmachine can be completely disassembled.
Will I pay a customs duty?
Yes. We will endeavour to inform you about the amount of the customs duty upon the consultation with the carrier. The amount of the duty varies between countries.
Can I just borrow your fucking machine?
Unfortunately no. The machine is individually produced to order and the shipping cost itself would come to considerable money.
I have not chosen from the offered options. Can I totally personalize the sex machine?
Yes, you can. There is a possibility of changes in the materials and colors. For your own configuration, use the option of the machine with a question mark and specify your wishes in the notes. We will make a quotation for you according to your individual specification.